Is This a Song or Just a Dance to the Children of the World

Written by: dave archuletta

This is trust that will forever lay quietly in hands that hold
A bind that ties will never unfold
Truth is lost - sometimes choicefully sublime
Like the covenant in an Indiana Jones movie
A director's scene - not one final line

Within our humanities of consequence, one should never suppose
Sometimes a left turn mistaken are rights taken when convened of "Jersey Rules" polls
Yet still, pages are written and not read that only a nation's library could've chose

A smile is smile, is a reward that masks all risk
It is hard to deny what is hard to resist

So, for the sake of whose innocense
Comes a moonlight hire?

'Hush, hush sweet Charlotte
Tonight we sleep warm within this circle of fire

This conscience by design...

Is it right or is it wrong?

In answer...

Have you ever known the words, yet never sang the song?