free cee I REMEMBER there was something i should not REMEMBER

Written by: jeffry cohan


Forget those eyes that seem so wise yet also eager to learn
Forget the fine figure of a pretty who makes my body burn
Forget her smile that melts snow when wintertime arrives
Forget her laughter that is the reason an orchard of orchids survives

Remember the tongue that spoke of things that would never come to be
Remember the fiery breath of a woman who simply and singularly singed me
Remember the Christmas she discussed that we would never share
Remember the day you discovered the woman didn’t really care

Forget that first night when even neon knew that which we both knew
Forget that first sight when neon instantly united two
Forget the magic of just talking and laughing within her brand new van
Forget that she took a broken being and made me a brand new man

Remember the promises and vows like visiting islands far away
Remember all the falsehoods the lady had to say
Remember all the things the lady swore would eventually occur
But most of all I must remember not to remember her
© 2012   copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~