Delusion of Granduer

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

That person is thinking about me
They probably think I'm a Movie Star
I get that a lot
Is their Heart pumping fast?
Perhaps it's skipped a beat
If I said hello it would really make their day
I have always had a strange power over people
It must be the way I carry myself
Some people are just born this way
Natural leaders
I know they will be talking about me
Wondering about my life
The people I have met
The places I have been
It's like they have magically seen my future 
It is only a matter of time
They will not soon forget this day
Should I tell them my name?
No, why should I spoil the surprise
This moment will stay in their minds eye
They will tell their children of this day
Of course I will not think of them again
I will walk in new rooms and eyes will turn my direction
They will not be dissapointed
I will let them taste my dreams
They will live their dreams through me
They will want to be me
It is just a matter of time
The whole world will one day chant my name
I look forward to that day
My gift will be their gift
It's just a matter of time

I grew up expecting great things from my Father and instead of doing 
them he lived in his perpetual fantasy World.