One to one poem

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

One to one poem 

From  the far sky, the lone sun rules the earth
Of heat and light it's not at all in dearth
But what all it gives birth to may not so stand
For it is all messed up by man’s  hands.
Love is what one yearns to get all the time
It’s for free like heat and light in all climes
Why at all is  love  so hard to come by 
Does it at the sight of man  try to fly?
To try to fit in and live a tight life
In this man made mess is to go through strife
Like when one wants to make up a cute verse
With words of one sound which makes it quite terse.

14th Jan 13

Form: Couplet (made up of only monosyllabic words)

For David’s “One to one “ contest