My Eyesight

Written by: Leonora Galinta

the sky is gray and gloomy trees stand still, they cannot sway small birds chirp looking for their mum they also long for the brightness of the sun the scenic spots I usually perceive day and night am I now blind that they’re out of my sight the squirrels who give their biggest grin I think they’re all busy looking for the best cuisine looking at the ponds and lake outside they are so stagnant that no one likes to ride a sound of one cuckoo seems has a message to impart does it want to tell me that you’ll finally depart so now, as I lay down on my bed I close my eyes but dread creeps my head I just hope I only have a nightmare that my eyesight is lost or my vision is not clear again, I want to close my eyes for the second time hoping for another dream that tomorrow will be mine a dream full of hope and joys which will forever abide like in the past when you and I stayed together side by side
Jan. 13,2012 (A depression poem) 7th Place Contest: Under the Influence Judged: 3/12/13 Poet Sponsor: Poet Nathan A.