Written by: Suzette Richards

Timber connected by dovetail to weight born
A chair was fashioned out of choice black wood
In the middle of the front room it proudly stood
Glittering pearl inlay and gold leaf to adorn
The back rest carved in symbolic stylised *acorn

Proudly I took possession of this worldly treasure
Everyone gathered round to view this acquisition
The craftsmanship admired and the precision
Clearly it was a token of my status and my measure
Trusting it would give years of infinite pleasure

In the Great Fire the chair had burned, destroyed
Often I had used it to rest my oft’ weary bones
Before this I had to content with worn thrones
Standing proudly in the room, it was mostly void
Only of value when it was usefully employed

The Norse legend that Thor sheltered from a thunderstorm under an oak tree has led to the belief that having an acorn on a windowsill will prevent a house from being struck by lightning, hence the popularity of window blind pulls decorated as acorns.

Poem inspired by the followin quote:

All form is emptiness, yet it’s not, 
all emptiness is form
in essence not.