Written by: andrew delapruch

when it happened,
when s/he did it,
for those that considered
themselves to have
known him/her,
it devastated,
because death is for the
any way you slice it---
and this particular death
had been coming for 
quite some time---
it had been gaining
momentum &
though the eyes watching
began to multiply,
no one did a thing to change
the way the dice were falling---
there was more talk behind
her/his back,
but not a word was said directly---
it was
as if
they all
were happy
to be watching
a car crash in
slow motion---
and while waiting for the carnage to
nobody flinched,
nobody revealed even an iota of
knowing full well that when it was
too late,
that the blame would be a constant
of just how horrible it is to be