I Wonder

Written by: Patricia Lewis

For I wonder how this world 
would be if people didn't judge 
one another
For I wonder if we were all 
blind would we embrace love 
more from any nationality 
For I wonder if we kept corporal 
punishment in schools would 
we have so many people killed 
by our children today
For I wonder if parents would 
teach their children to eat 
healthy and the reasons why to 
if fast food places would go out 
of business 
For I wonder if our girls were 
taught that having copulation 
with so many men they would 
not only have a Chance of 
picking up disease but having 
several different spirits entering 
their body's would so many of 
them fornicate still
For I wonder because when 
people judge one another it 
leads to ..color/nationality 
causes family to be torn apart 
due to some individuals loving 
out of their race..no corporal 
punishment leads to our 
children having no 
structure...fast foods are given 
majority of the time to 
substitute for a home cook 
meal...when our girls realize 
that if they have a new partner 
and they recall the prior 
partner(s) during that moment 
they should realize that those 
men left their spirits within 
their mind body and soul.. For 
if we read our Daily Word/Bible 
we would know do not judge 
and be 
not judge. Love one another as 
He loves us. For earthly/natural 
food were given not only to 
feed our guts but to cure 
instead of depending upon man 
made/chemical induced foods. 
Spear the rod spoil the child. 
You should not copulate not 
unless you are married. All of 
these tools leaves us to protect 
ourselves but many choose to 
do the latter