Written by: John Boak

Life is not as random as we think
Things  might seem to happen in a wink
Even faster than the eye could blink
But think of what I will say and let it sink

Think about how many billion  people are here
And then think about the way you found  your dear
Do you see that it's fate that brought that person near
To complete you and give your life good cheer

Among the billions you  were bound to find each other
I tell you that you would never be as happy with another
Without that person your life would be harder
You, my friend , will  undoubtedly be sadder

No matter which path you take your paths will collide
Cause you belong together and you both know it inside
From  your destiny you definitely can not hide
With the laws of fate us mortals must abide

You  should  know that this person is worth more than money
The only one who will  ever make your life sunny
The one  truly fitted  to be called your honey
The one fate gave you, the one who is your destiny