Written by: k k iloduba jnr

From my window pane,
i behold your soulful presence.
I whose gaze is gripping,
whose passion has known 
the melancholy of nature` s  splendor.

There` s no brilliance to be compared 
to your glittering lights
in the night season.

your Meadows are charming.
your lawns unstrip like
a green carpet cast upon the mountain side,
and your streets are bustling 
with different colors, one people.

you are beautiful O` Johannesburg!
you are the symbol of  Black perfection,
the pride of Africa,
the hub of nature`s lovers.

O` let me fetch you unend
with my Western gaze.
Let me collapse your vastness
into my forlorn heart,
where your memory slays 
like a Crystal fountain
ebbing out in the midst of a Hundred Palm trees.