Written by: Noble Smalls

I'm blinded by this feeling not understanding the meaning of things that life deals us. Why do we go through things that cause pain? With nothing left but memories. 
Scarred hearts yet broken and I'm lost in my good memories.  
Smiling to myself, like I'm crazy.
I'm trying to hold a positive attitude disputing with my feelings.
It’s hard trying to find something to stand for until your dreams are crushed and then your rushed by decisions your will regret.
So hard to forget...
But yet great things come to those waiting in the darkness alone
Protecting this heartbeat at all times, feeling like you only get one chance, and it’s the hardest until thoughts flood your mind. The night of that perfect dance, do you remember?  You were happy for that moment and looking into their eyes.  Maybe it was that touch to the knee from that special someone that made you nervous and yet warm inside. Maybe your moment was felt with a kiss that brought tears to your eyes.  Or that conversation that you never wanted to end, six hours later, lying in bed watching the sunrise.  
Make it last forever because memories that touch the heart never cease.  Freed from the blame games and if it’s all the same I love my happy thoughts without the past of broken hearts and dreams lost.  
Can't you see I'm standing here maybe for the moment.  I'm alone without the tears in my eyes but my soul cried.  Poetry explains it perfectly ...I’m fighting and dealing with so much and I'm not much of a man without pain and happiness.  I've learned the best lessons taught. Yes I'm thankful, brought to my knees because I can share my happy memories. In our lifetime we all hope to shine. Whether it be with the stars in the sky or in someone’s eyes.  Keep your good memories close, along with positive thoughts bringing your hopes for a better future, maybe even making your day worth looking forward too.  No penny thoughts here just my memories that are and forever will be my own peaceful poetic verses giving life to my heart.