God Understands

Written by: Lillie Williams

God Understands

In life, we tend to make excuses
For all the things we did
And blame our childhood
It started when we were kids
What about being raised on the right
Track in church since the age of 2
How do you explain why you are 
Doing, or do the things you do
God gives us choices and he
Knows the aftermath
But we use God’s grace as an excuse
To choose the wrong path

God understands that loneliness
Works best for me
I have random love partners not
Thinking of death or STD
God understands that I drink to
Pull away from reality’s hell
Not once thinking about the
Organs that will fail
God understands my need for 
Someone to hold me at night
Do you think he will send a woman
Or man you constantly have to fight

God understands us all
He made both me and you
He wants us to know 
That he understands
Every situation and problem
 We go through
Have you ever thought what 
Would happen if you fell short
Of God’s grace and glory one day
Have you ever thought what would
Happen if God turns a deaf 
Ear when you pray

A thought you don’t want to answer
Or really want to know
Show a little gratitude to the man
That caught you when you
Felt like letting go
Make wiser choices
And do what’s right
Don’t be that worrisome person
That only calls when they 
Want something at night

We all have a manual, (the Bible)
On how to have a smoother life and
Constant protection by God’s hand
So read the guideline and get more
Pride about yourself, and stop excusing
Your habits with well----------
God understands.