O My Valentine

Written by: Abdul Malik

Over the flower-strewn lanes
Under the star-studded sky,
Walk with me, my sunshine
My inspiration, my Valentine.

Oh, this soft silence, this silken night
This balmy breeze, this soothing moonlight,
Come, gather me in thy caressing arms
Hence I may forego the cares of the world.

Leaving these fastidious mortals behind
Across the oceans to a far land
Hold my hand, out of love to fashion
O my Valentine, a new civilization:

Against the mankind God created
A world born out of but love,
Against dubious wars, a new peace
Against chaos, a supreme harmony.

Come, beyond the realm of stars
Across an unfathomed space,
On an uninhabited planet
Let's begin again, O my Valentine!

 So, do you have a heart to spare
And a thought special and rare,
O my love, on this day of Valentine
Will thou be no one else but mine?