One to One - I will be there

Written by: Vicky Tsiluma

When your eyes shut close
and the wind tells of your fears…
Please wipe your tears – stretch your hand;
know I will be there.
I will rise to be your guide…
The bright see the sights not seen.

When your teeth fall down
and you chew your food in vain,
should it fall on the ground
know I will be there;
to clean, wipe, and cook once more…
The smart need not chew to flow.

When your tongue grows mute
and your words are bound in it;
have no doubt – your heart I hear.
Know I will be there
to glide your thoughts to the sky…
The wise need no words to teach.

When your mind shuts down
and your thoughts fly with the wind, 
Though I feel a surge of nerves
know I will be there.
Hear my plea, I will not cease…
The good will shine through the dark.

When your world gives out
and your will caves in, in death -
please do not doubt me my love;
know I will be there -
my grave will be next to yours.
One to One; we will not part.