Dancing Eunuchs Of India

Written by: Mehnaz Veetil

                       Dancing Eunuchs Of India
Eunuchs they were, who sang at doorsteps for alms
At birth and death alike; blessed the bride and groom too.
They danced their dark bodies heavily gyrating,with
 busted breasts, hairy chest and hefty forms tightly clad 
in saris candy colored ,sequined and six feet long.
Painted smiles, jingling bangles, tinkling anklets
sang bawdy ballads  of glorified virgins and stillborn children,
in a third gender voice-a hostile blend of two opposite sexes.

Mehnaz Veetil
Entry for 8 lines contest on a native culture, sponsored by Debbie Guzzi 

Note: Most of the eunuchs in India live by begging. They normally come out in groups of about five to ten and spread out in streets approaching small shops and restaurants for alms. Normally people give them alms out of fear of being cursed. It is widely believed in India that the curse of a "hijra" is very effective; same with their blessings. They offer to dance at small family functions like naming ceremonies of newborn children, weddings and other village functions.