Man of My Dreams

Written by: Juanita Thorn

The feeling of being in love
Is like free-falling from up above
Stepping into empty air
With your whole soul to bare

Love gives me goose bumps & butterflies
As I lose myself further in his eyes
The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen
Eyes the colour of the purest

He is perfect, he is mine
Right this second, everything is fine
Just close my eyes and say a prayer
That every day he will be there

His touch sends electric shocks
As every inch of my body he rocks
The trembling, the quivering, my body’s on fire
Moans coming together, sounds like a heavenly choir

The aftermath is peaceful…calm
As he traces love hearts into my palm
Mesmerised by his emerald green eyes
If he breaks my heart it will be my demise.
©copyright Juanita Torr