Children Grieve

Written by: Deb Wilson

This childhood sadness left me so forlorn.
A grief so real it mattered not my age.
Five years before this moment I was born.
And now my book of life had turned a page.

Never more to rock me in her arms.
I look around but I can't find her there.
She'd  calm me always with those mama charms.
Then gently she would brush my long brown hair.

Daddy came into our room and told us
that Mama went to live with God above.
And he was too distraught to even hold us.
Unsure was I of feeling any love.

I hugged my baby brother who was three.
And tried to make sense of my world again.
Though I was just a child I still could see.
The laughter I once knew had turned to pain.

I wish I could forget that terrible day.
After all these years it's still so real.
When childish things were swiftly packed away.
And I would learn how much it hurts to feel.