Down for the Count

Written by: ilene bauer

A boxer in the ring may think
He’s getting all the breaks;
Then bam! he’s down, for just like that,
One punch is all it takes.

I know exactly how he feels
For suddenly, today,
Whatever energy I had
Quite quickly drained away.

It happened as I headed home
From taking in a movie.
The walk was twenty-seven blocks,
But I was feeling groovy.

The last few streets seemed very long
And man, I sure was sweating.
I hoped that it was not the flu
That somehow I was getting.

I made it home and hit the couch
And fell into a sleep;
My dinner plans for later on
I knew I couldn’t keep.

Whatever hit me, from left field,
Was surely tantamount
To reeling from a punch that sent me
Flat out for the count.