My God's Awesome Wonder

Written by: HGarvey Daniel Esquire

Are my Dreams reality or is Reality my dream //  Dreams, reality                 / Dreams
As I slumber in the Ebony Valley Of Death // Ebony valley of Death  / Ebony  death
Hear Heaven's Hymns,Hell Screams      //Heaven's hymns,Hell Screams   /Hell screams
                                          To be Contiued
                                 Dedicated to Yoni Dvorkis

Typers Note - Yoni several years ago you asked Chef why he used so many Capitol letters. I too had asked him, yesterday he told me why. In most instantses the capitols
are another Poem inside the Poem as above. If the first word of the line is part of the  Poem the whole word is Capitolized. This Poem = a Haiku and another Poem. There are 5
Hiaku in this Poem when it is done. I will send you the whole poem(s)
I wrote you a Soup mail with the rest of this poem(s). Respectfully Yours, Kenny A Fledgling Poet