His Happiness, Mine

Written by: Tshepo Maredi

Hard pressed to express that which I 
cannot put into words. Years into the 
facade that I'd always managed to be lucid. 
I could only make a promise, induced by 
the feel that turns cheeks rosy, and quivers 
lips that gnaw on sugar cane to sweeten 
thoughts and dreams. I only gazed upon 
Medusa to forever preserve the excited 
state of the butterflies that tickled the mid-
section and the twinkle that would 
bashfully dash across the eye. The 
tesselation I wish to wrap my mind around. 
His confident whispers which awoke a 
sleeping dragon. Parched lips and an 
extinguished flame testament to the years 
of yearning. A two second ordeal which in 
memory lasted a lifetime. His wit which 
tugs at heart strings and misaligns 
constelations. Decisions once thought to be 
right choked in doubt. Waves that caressed 
the rocks, and the sounds that wrapped 
around my neck from the harp at his 
fingertips. His is the happiness that has 
always been the infinite odyssey.