Walls of Superficiality

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

So many live on the edge of Superficiality
Not wanting to see beyond the physical
Pretty clothes pretty people
Living pretty lives

They will never know the extrordinary ordinary
Regular every day people
Lives more complicated than the surface we see
Inside jokes
Struggles that add humor to their lives
Answers to questions they will never ask
They have dreams
Some beauty lies below the surface
Diamonds are never found laying on top of the ground
Gold is hidden for a reason
True wealth comes from effort

I want to be an emotional miner
Superficiality will not satisfy my yearning
Tell me your story
My ears scream for your words
Your secrets are safe with me
Tell me your jokes
I will get the punch line
I will cry your tears
Our spirits are intertwined
Unseen connections become our bonds
We were alway related
Time distance language computer screens
They are not limitations
I see beyond to a life of imagination
Not limited by what is seen
What is unseen will be fully felt
Our spirits eternal
Walls of superficiality melt away