Disconnecting Numb

Written by: Joel Arfin

Forcing his way through a ocean of iniquity and negligence,
As malfeasances and misconducts concoct a deadly storm of uncertainty,
Demons and guilt torment him,
Obstructions and obstacles challenge him,
Misfortune and tragedy overwhelm him,
As he is subconsciously enveloped by an emotional numb,
Standing alone, even as he is surrounded by those he loves,
He a feels shiver-inducing tingle shave his spine,
Severing the last of his connection from the outside world.
Crying himself to sleep every night;
Without pain,
Without sadness,
Without anger,
The numb killing his soul,
Obliterating emotion,
Annihilating self-worth,
Disconnecting into a world of fog, 
Where one is never truly awake, but can not find peace in sleep,
The sorrow from solitude forces him out,
The depression from being invisible pushes him back in to confinement,
Anxiety and instability crushing ambition and inspiration,
The silk of motivation, which once rich and lustrous,
Is now tattered and broken,
Once a man, a human,
Now the broken shell of a person, without purpose,
Lacking axiom,
Integrity, broken,
Living a facade,
Wearing a smile, but dead behind the eyes,
Drifting from reality, leaving behind the body and mind,
A soul, free from the trials and constraints,
Without consequence,
Without regret,
He will no longer be forced to suffer through the melancholy that eradicated his life,
He will never again succumb to the desolation of his depression,
Never again, will he have the chance to create,
Never again, will he have the chance to inspire,
Never again, will he have the chance to love.
Never again, will he wonder if he is deceased, dreaming or alive.
He is now more alive than ever,
He is now in a state of eternal dreaming.