Beauty Personified

Written by: Gaylord Munemo

I was lost in your cherubic face,
Searching places of great elegence,
Your eyes like two perfected diamonds,
Your skin like the fair greeny fields,
Where farmers longs to get greater yields,
Such perfection my eyes never saw

Your hair was pure and long,
As the wind blew it to and fro,
My heart did imagine,
My mind did wonder,
Is this beauty a work of wisdom?
Is this beauty conspiracy of fine art?
Is it the magnificence of the creator's hands?
Such perfection my eyes never saw

My eyes are typically sceptical,
My mind continously critical,
Yet I found you flawless,
Excelling above the others,
With talking lashes,
And walking teeth,
Like white sheep in the fair fields,
Such perfection my eyes never saw

Some said your were almost there,
One step away from excellence,
A breath away from beauty magnificence,
I saw you, I saw light
Your beauty your light,your light your might,
Against all sceptism and criticism,
Your were beauty personified,
Such perfection my eyes never saw