Written by: ilene bauer

People join together to be part of something bigger;
Working next to others can infuse our veins with vigor.
Keeping to yourself is fine, but then you are deprived
Of camaraderie, which gets our eagerness revived.

A book club or a quilting class, the army or marines,
The P.T.A. or Rotary or pool league that convenes,
A dating site or any place our numbers make us strong;
It’s fun to flock with others, well-aware we do belong.

We sign our names or pay our dues or even make a pledge
That we will follow all the rules; our bets we will not hedge.
And then we proudly claim to be a member of the tribe,
Adherent of the practices to which they do subscribe.

Though lots of folks fly solo, many more link with a group,
Becoming an ingredient in some delicious soup;
For adding to the broth, we each bestow our special spice
And often, that’s a recipe for something mighty nice.