An Imperfect Nine

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

She gave me a drink
Wine Potion Numer Nine
She said not to worry
in a moment I'd be fine

My head it felt woozy
I finished up the wine
I thought she was a six
Now here she is a nine

I couldn't believe my luck
I think I am in love
She's my little Angel
A gift from up above

My friends are so confused
She must have cast a spell
They say she aint good looking
and there is that awful smell

How could this have happened
I'm still trapped in her spell
In my mind she is a Nine
So I'll kiss and never tell

Lower poem conforms to contest rules for Number 9 Contest
Nine lines Nine words per line. I used nine three times because 3x3 is nine.
I kept the original poem because that was my first inspiration.

She gave me a drink, wine potion number nine
She said "trust me in a moment you'll be fine."

My head felt woozy, I finished up the wine
Who knew a six could end up a nine

My friend warned me it must be a spell
She ain't good lookin and there's that funny smell

Still I see her as an angel I'm captivated
My body and mind are no longer related

I am her slave and she is my Nine.