God knew what he was doing the day I met you

Written by: ShnKimMel Clarke

You give me a smile that lingers with every thought of you.
It amazes me because its like you feel every thought that passes through.
You said its for real, I know its forever.. So Im gonna keep holding you down whether, whenever no matter the weather.
I dont need you for my happiness, I need you to complete me.
More importantly its what you mean to me, I trust you thats why I give you all of me.
What you got aint what they see, you understand and grasp me differently.
Youre different too, that why I choose you.
God knew what he was doing that day I met you, since then I feel I look best standing next to you and youre a fly dude. Fitted, fresh white tee, clean Js too!
Now Im queen, 2 man team only you could be king.
You know I love you, not only do I ride I would die too.