I always ask for sun and it shines

Written by: ShnKimMel Clarke

On my journey today, I spent most of my morning talking to God & prayed
Saying things like how could I have ever once doubted him?
Through all the darkness its always him that comes shining in
and right before I left the store I got his message and more
Before I walked out the door, she said God bless you.
It warmed up my soul, smiled so big told her the same thing 
thanked her because I appreciated the blessing.
I feel like that was Gods way to let me know he hears when I pray
we both want it the same I always believed in us and kept faith.
I know that cus I walked out on this cold winter day,
He put the warm sunshine in my face.
Its funny on bad days I ask for sun and he does it again
Somedays it does rain but there will always be sunshine after the rain
Negative mind state will endure the pain