Written by: Kristopher Curran

The past three months, since November
I have had a terrible cough.
It serves no purpose, there is no mucus and no echoes in my chest.
Just a dry, pointless cough.

The Doctors tell me it will pass, my lungs are fine.
"Loads of people have got it."
How many people?
No-one I know suffers from it.

They say there is nothing they can give me.
There must be, what is modern medical science for?
I just want to feel normal please! 

This cough, in certain ways though,
has been a blessing.
It meant I could no longer smoke lovely Marijuana.
This has led to a 'clean' mind and life.
Being clean is rewarding to my thoughts.

The point I am at in life, requires I stay clean.
Except for a cough.
I can sort it all out, fortunes, plans and dreams are aligning.

This cough has become a part of my everyday life.
I am aware that every-time I splutter it out,
I seem infected and ill.

This is not contagious, I swear.