To A Quiet Place

Written by: Sara Kendrick

Autumn leaves have lost their color now
Winter's cold has chilled all things
Come away my love, He calls to me
Come to me and learn before this spring

My Spirit longs for more time with Him
While gray clouds bring somber days
He calls to me, come away my love
To a quiet place to set ablaze

A heart that aches from life's hurtful times.
In my distress he echoes
Come away my love; He calls to me
To read His word, give Him all my throes.

An apple tree among the wood's trees
Is my special love; each day
He calls to me, come away my love
How I long to go and with Him stay.. 

Roughly based on Song Of Solomon
Or Song Of Songs chapter 2


Sponsor: Suzette
Contest: Zanita Rhyme