A Visitor From Space

Written by: Elton Camp

A Visitor From Space

By Elton Camp

Asteroids are being discovered at a furious rate
One, however, was found entirely too late

From an unusual angle toward Earth it came
For its tardy discovery, no one was to blame

Its orbit, the Earth’s was sure to intersect
There was no time to destroy or to deflect

That Earth would survive was very  clear
But great harm there was cause to fear

When it streaked flaming from the sky
It could be that millions would die

As hard as scientists proceeded to try
The impact point couldn’t specify

Worldwide panic authorities did face
Since they couldn’t tell any safe place

Some folks spent the time in prayer
About sex and drink did others care

The huge rock hit just off the coast
Danger aplenty, though not the most

A tsunami rose a hundred feet high
Far from shore, multitudes did die

It didn’t prove to be the planet’s demise
But, with fear, survivors watch the skies