Written by: Chrissy Downing

I wish you could understand 
That this is not easy for me
Can you not see
How every particle of my being
Is pulled towards you
It’s as if breathing
Just being 
Is impossible without you
A moment without you by my side
Is an eternity in darkness
I did not want this
But somehow it found me
And now
Its all around me
Surrounding me
And It’s all I want
I fear this is all a dream
And when I wake you will be
And alone I will find myself 
Once again
But if I am so lucky 
And this is reality
Can you promise me
That when you do go
You will not break me
Into a million pieces
So that I may pull myself back together again
Maybe that I can one day be whole again
But until that day comes
You have all of me
My heart is yours