The Dreaded News

Written by: Doris Culverhouse

The call comes at three in the morning; no words are needed. 
The news is expected almost desired.... 
The voice says she passed in her sleep peacefully tonight. 
The funeral home has been called and are on their way here. 
"Yes, I will let Wayne know...." Wayne? Says I. 
No response, silence. Wayne's breathing is even and regular deep sleep has over come his mind tonight. Peaceful sleep has his thoughts. 

Wayne? Spoken a little louder and a face caress. Wayne rolls over and goes back to sleep. Why do I have to break his sleep with the news??! 

Wayne!! He mumbles and goes back to slumber, so peaceful. 

Shoulder shakes, shoulder shaking several times. 
A deep breath lets me know he has come out of the deep sleep.... 
Wayne are you awake?? Yes. 
They called and said your mom passed. 
When? Just a few minutes ago. 
Your dad doesn't know yet. 
Allen is going up to the nursing home. 
Silence, and hugs... 
What should I do? Wayne says sleepily. 
Wayne says, I will go to the nursing home and see her before they come to take her away. 
I have to stay here with our sleeping son. Wife says sadly. 
I love you!! says both.