Altered Reality


In a world of fairy-tales, I'm alone,
In a place conceived all on my own.
I rule in diamond castle windowed walls,
Nestled high upon multi-hued waterfalls.
Thriving in this balmy magical night,
No hungry children mourn their plight.
Perpetual food grows from every tree,
Color and race endure no bigotry.
The harvest moon made of cheese,
Welcomed to partake if I please.
Flowers endless in meadows green
I can alter the colors if I so deem.
Immortality exists within my world,
Fairies protect me betwixt wings furled.
No need for soldier's pointless fight.
Shielded from malicious intentions blight.
In this shangriladon state endures bliss,
From endless cruelties that persist.
Secreted in a harmonious mind,
Where brutality is left far behind.
Laughter tinkles on the enchanted wind,
UN-judged for multiple times I've sinned.
Expectations hold no responsibility,
In an altered state, right where I long to be.
If I choose I'll share my beloved fairy-tale,
Together we'll adventurously set sail.
On an ocean of decadent chocolate silk,
Sharing cookies and strawberry milk.
We mutually agree to go ashore,
To dust star on heavens ebony floor.
Money not such a greedy demand,
Finding beach dollars buried in the sand.
Music plays softly, light and low,
Dancing in the warm glistening snow.
Then I awaken to dawns early light,
Finding reality, lost one whimsical night.