Forever and Always

Written by: Wade Appelgryn

I think about you day and night,
Not because I'm obsessed but because I'm simply in-love,
I love you from your eyes straight through to the fact when I see youit feels like I got grenades exploding in my chest,
but thats just my heart rapidly beating against my chest cavity because my heart wants to be right next to yours,
yes I do feel lost when I'm far from you,
but I'm far from lost when I'm thinking about you because I know exactly what I want,
thats love and I found it,
I feel empty when we apart,
but I'm filled up with an abundance with love once we connect,
I would die a thousand deaths for you,
even though I can only die once,
but "they" say in 'hell' you die over and over again,
I guess I'm going to hell for you,
call me crazy,
but I do love you,
Forevr and Always.