Nay Love

Written by: Ajani Ibrahim

Oh cupid! Lower your 
bow and waste not your 
arrows on me 
 i'm a knight of peace, 
my shield alert, and my 
armour is faultless 
 i wish not to fight in 
this battle of love 
 for my drive still yet 
remain lost in my 
 i seek not the passion 
of a damsel dat dies 
with time like a rose 
 i am no coward, bt hw 
can i win,when on this 
grounds, my father 
lost ? 
where do i get the 
courage , to fight as 
brave as a lion nd as 
calm as a dove ? 
 why shud i fight when 
waterloo awaits me, 
after my victory ?
 that battle ground i 
shall nt visit, until d 
sun is blue
 for i wish not to 
become a victim of 
tears nd deceit