a friendly poem

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Another friendly Poem 
The grass is deep green in the forest´s clearing rabbits and 
foxes play hide and seek only stupid rabbits get caught and 
devoured by sleek foxes; a game of death and life played
 out on a carpet of natural beauty. When the day is over
 the fox and rabbit display no rancor towards each other 
for this is poetry were no one really dies. Big forest rats, 
brown and silky, have a love life, give birth to pretty little 
rats that frolics with wild boars in the lyrical everglades. 
And little Red Riding Hood, laugh and laugh by the sight of
 bloodied fur on fallen snow. And the hex in the woods is 
not there to bite your balls off she wants you to be kind to 
her so she can sleep and don´t be left out in the carousel
of sweet nature´s fun and games. A dreamy poem suitable 
for children and adults while sat by the fire eating apples.