Written by: Michael Domaracki


I lie awake at night and I can’t fall asleep
Recounting every single detail
Of my life that’s passed and surely can’t be lived again
Mistakes I’ve made and never learned from
I stare in darkness at the pictures on the wall
Waiting for their stories to unfold before me
But I don’t see a thing, nor to hear a sound
Only the gears in my mind that keep turning

I watch the clock each night and track the time
As it changes and nothing within me moves
Dreamless again the ceiling always looks the same
And death, in my mind can’t be much worse
I need to change the way that I see the world
Or turning my back should I walk away
Too many people in life that I simply cannot face
With motives of self and no one else’s needs

I find again that the night is not a friend
But a wolf in sheepskin, staring, lurking
Waiting for the moment when it may pounce and feed
On every weakness that lives and breathes in me
Heart and soul and in every breath I take
I feel the torment tearing through me
And I can’t free myself from the awful truths
As I am lying here waiting for the death of me…