Ring on my foot

Written by: Seren Roberts

Oh my feet are cold I grumbled as I sat upon the floor
Head upon his lap as I hear him quietly snore

I looked upon his face as though seeing for the first time
Worries, not a trace, cant say the same of mine

Asked myself the question,  is this face i want to see
Each morning as i wake up will this pleasure me

Thought of all his good deeds,  the way he takes control
In an emergency,not by half measures but by whole

Wonder if i turn around, put my feet on his chest
They will get warmer,  shall i put it to the test

So i did, not a pretty site,  sitting on my bum with feet looking white
Slowly he rubbed them ,put them next to his body for heat

So the answer to my question,  is yes i think i can
Wake up each morning,  looking at this man

Now i am laughing because when he rubbed my feet, I can see he
Placed a ring upon them , now he is  asking  to marry me.

Any man that  can put up with feet this cold must love me so
Of course I  said Yes  he was the one for me, but God called him home.