Poetry On Poetry

Written by: Deb Wilson

In the deep of the night you'll find me thus
adrift in a sea of hand painted words.
Floating on empty till they fill me up
to a place where I can soar with the birds.

Skyward I travel and take in the sights.
Downward I spiral till nearly I fall.
Words are like angel's wings born in my soul.
With a pen in hand I feel ten feet tall.

When life brings me pain or fills me with joy
can't help but wrap my emotions in rhyme.
So goes the flow,the whimsical pattern.
All is remembered and given it's time.

This is my story now laid out in verse;
pages before me so ragged but pure.
Dream woven downpour streams into my heart.
Life's the affliction,poetry's the cure.

for contest"Poetry about poetry"
written Wednesday January 9th, 2013