Written by: awoh kingsley awoh

Free style

Fire travailing and traveling
Lies basking behind
Sorrows burrowing my bones
Empitiness dueling sleeplessness
Vain expectations looming
Kith and kins nagging
Heaven's gate silence
Prayers turn thorns
Tide and time tumbling
Girls gnashing
Money mocking
A wise man of Gotham 
Lost in the bin
Looking and lulling
Head empty
Bed bugs bagging
Streets streaming
Echoes hanging in the air
Kisses chasing
Two look at two
Heartbroken, tears conquered 
Smile restored
Tomorrow is gone
Today is now
Sex is stupidity
Pleasure is vain
Death is glory
Poverty is honour
Growth a trap
Reality is perception
Who are you
Am just a freestyle 
Written by Awoh Kingsley
*the pattern of the above poem is a 
freestyle...written when i was depress and 
8th Jan, 2013