The Arrogance of Wealth

Written by: Elton Camp

The Arrogance of Wealth

By Elton Camp

“Dowager Countess” you must call me 
Any familiarity and evil will befall ye

I am a very wealthy aristocrat
I am sure you are jealous of that

I hold a most lofty station in life
Free from mundane tasks or strife

When I speak, all present must heed
Servants fulfill my smallest need

Not the least disrespect will I allow
In my presence you are to kowtow

My superior kind of people are few
I have little use for the likes of you

English people I can barely tolerate
But Americans I most intensely hate

King, queen, duke or earl I entertain
A lowly baron outside must remain

If you do not go along with tradition
Then I shall assign you to perdition

Over Downton I once did preside
My son still there does reside

So always remember just who I am
Respectfully address me as “Ma’am”