Days of glory

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

Days of glory

These days when women get tortured, torched and raped
In democracies deemed the most enlightened
Remember glorious days women once shaped,
Being  empowered and liberated no end

In my matrilineal*  clan;  where they flourished
In  joint homes, respected, loved and well nourished
Didn’t ever leave home , owned family estates
Kicked and took husbands to suit their tastes and states.

9th Jan 13.

Form : Rispetto: Rhy Sch:a-b-a-b-c-c-d-d/ 11 sylls per line

PS:* We  not long ago had a matrilineal line of inheritance where women played key, powerful familial roles in large joint families headed by a maternal uncle-like figure where men were supposed to work and provide for them, protect and respect them. Women never left homes after marriage,  and were free to reject and receive their husbands as they pleased.

By: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

For Debbie's " 8 lines any kind" contest