Between the Linen Sheets

Written by: Carole Cookie Arnold

Between the Linen Sheets A hundred strokes through her hair Pastel satin ribbons lie cross her chair Bridal bed is prepared in finest linens Her sculpturing gown flatters the ribbons Revealing her curvy silhouette of youth Ready for their night of marital truth Flaxen hair shines like a halo from the candles Floating gardenia’s sit by her wedding sandals Climbing into the marriage bed waits for her groom He enters mesmerized by the fragrance in their room Into his arm’s he holds her tight kissing her moist lips Drunk by her purity, on her sweet tasting lips he sips Colors of fuchsia fill the room as passion rises Melting into his arms, she envisions Marseilles: Ready to give her all to him they fall to the bed Blowing out the candles, he realizes this was “All in his head” Carole Cookie Arnold