The unexpected

Written by: Louise Holley

The man in the dark mask turns his head 
To face the crowd with evil eyes,
The crowd cry out with screams of dread
But he carries on amidst their cries

As he emits a booming laugh,
Which seems to echo, through the night,
He carries on his reign of wrath,
And slaughters everyone in sight
But one small, frail, child
Decides the masked man will be beat
And runs though crowds with bodies piled
And kneels down at the masked mans feet

The rogue looks down with chilling eyes
Upon the small child on the floor
And as he wields his knife to strike
Lets out a sudden painful roar
Beneath his legs the child had crawled
And stabbed his spine with one small knife
And when the brutal man did fall
His throat was slit to end his life.