Written by: Michael Domaracki


I can’t continue in this state of mind
No relief and it’s my belief now
That I may be past my prime
If what I need can never seem to be
Who am I failing other than myself?
My wife? My children?
My life and my reason for being…
Because I could care less 
About my own emotion and welfare 
Except in the way that it may affect them negatively

I’m overburdened with the realization that all I am
Is simply not enough anymore
And that reaching inside myself for answers
Supplies me with none
My silence now is both my only friend
And my worst enemy
Inside or out
Outside or in
My longing is for neither…

To be alone with myself
So I may hurt no one other than myself
This is my only sanctuary now
And while I cannot stand to be alone
It is how I feel inside that makes me this way
Which for so long has remained unchanged…