Get your life on feet

Written by: Anastasija Cvetanova

It was too dark ,
Without a single spark.
The lonleyness biting you ,
Like a sharped teeth of a shark.
Leaving you with a frightful mark ,
Your heart shaking from the tears that bark.

Listen to this voice ,
That breaks through the sadness ,
Releasing you ,
From the tights of the madness.

You have been dragged to the bottom ,
For too long ,
Forgeting to remind oyurself ,
Captivation is what makes you strong.

Consider every exposed sight ,
Before bringing the thought ,
For what is right.

What of who has pushed you away ,
It is already becomed a  passed day.

Where you want to stand ,
Is the current matter ,
Remark your place with determination ,
Is when it begins on better.