Written by: Angela Hoeflich

The wind carries my whispered secret faster than I can clutch to my heart
Betrayed by lips of longing to erase my past and begin where I start
I almost see daybreak through the shadows of memories so dim.
My spirit guides me toward a future uncovered and never so grim

The dark past looming reaches unkindly for my running feet.
Looking for light my eyes never turn, but I stand still to face and greet
For I shall overcome this fight with a shielded foe--no face and no name
Armed and frightened I summon my courage, if I lose--just myself to blame

A survivor I am with a scarred, tattered past and a strength no one can see
To let hope win the battle, life win the war and my soul to stand at last free
Free of my storm, free of my turmoil—confident of a future so grand
Walking toward my ultimate goal letting go of the anguish in my hand