Love That Speaks

Written by: Anastasija Cvetanova

It’s been a while , 
Since my heart felt the shine of your warm smile.
This love that goes like a wild dance ,
Where every step needs to approach it’s fitted place.

The prove for our love we appoint to get ,
Consciously arrives from the moves we get.
From all the obstacles that are yet to come ,
We at least can put an effort to overlook some.

As love can be the answer to everything ,
Then love can also be the reason for anything.
Before choosing what’s meant to be right ,
Don’t forget to capture the view of every reached sight.

What we ought to observe , 
It’s what we’ll later use to deserve.

Some situations that makes us look so wrong ,
Sustain the striveness and only then our love will become more strong.

This world is more than we all see ,
It takes more than just a single glance to let our will of love free.
We must hold a full aspect perception ,
So we can prevent a defined inception.