my cold heart

Written by: Fantise Mack

Gazing upon the night sky I fight back the tears and try my hardest to avoid the question "why???" 
Why must good things come to an end if it began so beautifully??? 
Why must the heart break when it once felt the warmth of another and was once handled so tenderly??? 
These questions I avoid as I gaze upon the night sky fighting back the tears as I wonder "when???" 
When did the love stop flowing and began to shrivel up like an abandoned well??? 
When did the thought of the love of a partner filled ones heart with emptiness and sorrow??? 
Gazing at the glistening stars in the night sky as my tears began to flow I wonder "how???" 
How could I be so foolish to believe in the sweet words of nothings and grasp onto them with each breath I had taken and breathe them in to fill my lungs with a sickening poison of despair??? 
How could I be fooled into thinking a fairy tale to be reality that all the magic was real??? 
How??? When??? Why??? Did all of my torment began??? 
As I gaze upon the night sky tears still flowing from my face I wonder.....