it shouldnt be this way

Written by: Fantise Mack

why is it so hard for me to tell the one I love why I love em? 
why must my voice of love get caught in my throat like vile? 
why must my heart beat like the drums of war once I'm asked to speak? 
I show how much and why I love but sometimes telling would be nice but I can't suffice I can't serenade my love with sweet caresses of words that will warm the heart through the ear 
I freeze with fright :( 
I don't show fairness in this department and I can't fathom why? 
why am I such a coward? 
where we are in love I should have no fear no hesitation but I do :( 
your patience with my lack of voice hurts me cause I can't voice what you long to hear not just see with your warm dark brown eyes, feel with your masculine tender soft hands, taste with your soft inviting lips 
I want to scream to the heavens about how you make me feel 
to tell you face to face why my heart is full of warmth not just by actions or the word I've written 
hopefully I can cause I don't wanna lose your love 
I don't wanna lose what we have....